Why I partnered with Devoted

I believe that everyone deserves to get the best healthcare in the world. Everyone.

I knew as soon as I met Todd Park that he shared this belief to his very core.

Todd and his brother Ed Park founded Devoted Health with the vision of helping older Americans live longer, healthier lives. They believe, as I do, that everyone should receive the kind of healthcare that we would want for our own loved ones.

Devoted accomplishes this with a simple and powerful approach: providing people with “all in one healthcare,” a breakthrough solution that brings together everything you need to stay healthy as possible, brought together in one coordinated package like notes brought together in a great song. When everything is all in one, it’s the right care at the right time, delivered with a level of remarkable service and love that one Devoted member beautifully described as “like getting a giant hug.” See how it works.

It’s all in one healthcare that I wish I could go back in time and get to many of my neighbors growing up in Tuskegee. It’s care that I know would have hugely benefited my own father. It’s care that I want to help everyone get now - care that can help folks live their best and most fulfilling lives.

I am so very proud to partner with Devoted on this mission!


Healthcare is supposed to be easy. Here’s how.

Think about healthcare, and you’d think: confusion. Confusion because no one can figure it out. Confusion because it’s important, expensive, and yet all over the map. Healthcare can feel like a burden when you don’t know how to navigate a system that is discombobulated.

Devoted Health has come along and made healthcare simpler for older Americans. The solution to the whole problem is coordination - someone to put it all together for me and you. To understand and get around the healthcare system is absolutely impossible, but that is exactly what Devoted does.

Devoted brings everything together with all-in-one healthcare. Devoted’s team works through everything on your behalf to deliver all-in-one healthcare to you in a package that is higher quality, more affordable, and simpler.

Imagine if healthcare were more complete, coordinated, and customized. First of all, this is what great quality care would look like. Second, you’d be able to focus on what matters - living your best life.

Healthcare is supposed to be easy. Devoted is bringing healthcare together.