I’m very excited to be joining The Voice as a mentor for Pharrell Williams team!‪

“Who has had a career as long as his and as diverse in genres as him? No one,” said Williams. “It’d be hard to find someone that’s done it like that. The way he feels things and the way he’s led by his visual reaction to things is the reason why his career has been so long. His path has been such an interesting journey and he’s taken us along with him musically. He’s different—he’s the guy who co-wrote “We Are the World.” This is a guy that’s had country hits, this is a guy that’s had pop hits, soul hits, R&B hits, gospel hits—and it’s really good gospel songs. He’s a rare guy, and we’re so blessed to have him on the show. He’s so masterful as a teacher. Everyone learned something; the people on the set were talking about him. I walked away learning stuff.” – Pharrell

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