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Today, we’re extending the worldwide “All the Hits All Night Long tour, traveling through North America this summer with special guest CeeLo Green.  Promoted exclusively by Live Nation, the tour has sold out across the globe in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the Middle East.  Lionel Richie, multi-platinum selling artist, five-time Grammy winner and music icon will kick off Thursday, May 29th at Pepsi Live at Rogers Arena in Vancouver, BC.

For pre-sale info, you can RSVP here. VIP Packages and pre-sales available Friday, February 14th.  Check back for more information.  Otherwise, check out the dates and stay tuned for the official on sale date!

We’re so excited to see everyone this summer!

15 thoughts on “All the Hits All Night Long Summer Tour 2014

  1. I am really disappointed disappointed! I love Lionel Richie but for years I been watching the fan club and have him on my facebook page and yet I still don’t see him in the US. Well I actually see him in Louisiana but that’s so far from me I can’t aafford to go. I wish that you would come closer to Milwaukee Wisconsin or even to Milwaukee Wisconsin. I have admired you and enjoyed your music for 39 years. I understand that Australia, UK and China has been good to you and sales are probably bigger there I don’t know But what I do know I am your biggest fan and I know that I wish that I could come see you in a concert I don’t understand why you’re not in the US at all. I wait all this time for your special surprise that I thought was going to land you in the Us. Fooled me!

  2. Mr. Richie

    I love your music no words can describe. I grew up in Ethiopia with your music with all my family. Now i live in Las Vegas and wonder if you ever are going to tour in the USA, specially in Las Vegas? It would be my life dream to come and see you in a live concert you are a great man and i love you so much for all those years!!!!!!!!!!

    With so much LOVE and RESPECT,


  3. I am looking forward to the concert at Red Rock:)))) It was the last time I say Lionel when he was with the Commodores.

  4. Just want to say how truly excited I am to know you are having a summer tour. My birthday is July 4th and I plan to be at your concert, whereever it may be…Thank you Lionel

  5. We are so excited that we just purchased tickets for the Michigan concert June 20th….I’ve been waiting so long for Lionel to come to Michigan, it’s been the end to a perfect Valentine’s Day!!! My boyfriend and I have already decided that “The Only One” will be our wedding song and would love to hear it at the concert! It’s definitely a hidden treasure and such an amazing song!

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